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LayStitch™ Technologies is a full service company with a global footprint. It started in the 1960’s as a textile manufacturing company in South West Germany. The first wire laying machine was developed 1996 and first fiber laying machine 1998. Today we have marketing and sales offices in: Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Japan, Romania, Switzerland and USA.

We are proud of our reputation of providing genuine and unique solutions that works, and providing customer service to match.

Added Value:
Over the years we have developed a well proven procedure of interaction to ensure added value to our customers, making sure that what we do make sense and that it works in reality.
We always start by offering a free custom sample from our machines using customer materials. This early trial ensures the hands on quality in what we offer right from the start.
We deliver solutions to process challenges as well as the training, the customer support required to make it work -- over the life of the product and machinery.

Please don’t hesitate to give us an opportunity to make custom samples for your own evaluation.

Education and Training
Fiber Setup
Laying Fiber