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Tailored Fiber Placement Pair Head Machine

Printing Fibers

LayStitch Automated Fiber Placement Machines enable the production of special 3-Dimensional dry fiber structures (preforms) thus giving our Customers the Benefits of Improved Fiber Reinforced Composites utilizing Tailored Fiber Placement. By laying out Fiber Tow/Roving selectively and only where needed, Preform material cost may be reduced by as much as 75-90% compared to using braided, woven or knitted multi axial materials.

The Special Fiber Placement Machine lays out bundled fibers, Tow/Roving in front of a sewing head attaching them by needle and thread onto a base material that is held in a frame of the machine. The advantage of this process is that the Tow/Roving can be laid out in any direction, i.e. at any angle between 0 and 359 degrees. Special areas of reinforcement can be realized by repeatedly laying one fiber Tow/Roing on top of the other.

A broad variety of fibers can be processed: glass; carbon; aramid; natural fibers etc. The automated and precise fiber placement in any direction makes it possible to utilize full tensile strength of the fiber in product design.
The Tailored Fiber Placement often enables design of New and Innovative Products that would not be possible to produce with traditional production methods.

We are excited to offer our customers the advantage of producing very High Performance Composite products with Improved Strength; Improved Stiffness; Lower Weight and Lower Cost.
Please don’t hesitate to give us an opportunity to make custom samples for your own evaluation.

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