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Printing Recessed

StitchAttach™ Technology allows for laying out wires and smaller tubes in a recessed fashion in various compressible materials like foam.
This technology makes the wires/tubes to sink down into a carrier base material. The degree of recession can be adjusted in the machine for the wires/tubes to be flush with the surface of the compressible base material.

This makes the wires/tubes to be “hidden” by visually being integrated into the base carrier material. Recessed laid tubes/wires opens up a wealth of new and inventive product opportunities in various product applications.
It can be used to lay out a wire or small tube directly behind a surface material like leather without the drawback of read-through effects on the surface.

Examples of applications: heating; ventilation; cooling; cables and harness; medical applications; military applications; micro pneumatic or hydraulic applications etc.

Please don’t hesitate to give us an opportunity to make custom samples for your own evaluation.

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