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Stitch-Attached Wire Dual Machine Example

Printing Wires

StitchAttach™ print Technology is ideal for to lay out and attach wires and can be used to manufacture many types of innovative products in various industries. Replacing glue and adhesive with stitched threads is a very environmentally friendly method for joining different materials.

Examples: Automotive heated seats; sport applications; heated clothing, gloves and boots; medical and therapeutic applications; interconnection between gadgets in smart clothes; used as sensors, radio antennas. New applications are constantly added to the list.

The machine feeds the wire in front of a sewing head and fasten it by using needle and thread onto a base material that is held in a frame of the machine. The machine allows for laying out wires, filaments etc. freely and in any direction between 0° and 360°.
The Wire can be applied to many types of basic materials like technical textiles, foils, foam/sponge, netting, leather etc. Both the wire and the sewing thread can be cut automatically after each laying cycle is finished.

The production process runs completely automatically and only need to be supervised. High Laying speeds in combination with many laying units (heads) working in parrallell, enable very high productivity for high volume needs.

Please don’t hesitate to give us an opportunity to make custom samples for your own evaluation.

Stitch-Attached Insulated Wire
Stitch-Attached Lacquered Wire
Recessed Wire