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Tailored Fiber Placement™ – Tailored Wire Placement™ – Tailored Tube Placement™
Early 2011 LayStitch introduced Tailored Fiber Placement™, Tailored Wire Placement™ and Tailored Tube Placement™ in North America. Since then, these names has been used in the industry to describe these technologies.

LayStitch™ Goal and Mission is to support a healthy growth of of our customers and the industries and markets where we are active. We strive to achieve this by offering innovative, leading and unique solutions, technologies and systems. We work to drive the evolution of technology in the fields where we operate.

Besides internal Research and Development, we have close work-relations with the globally leading institutions and corporations developing unique technologies. This enable LayStitch to offer leading and unmatched features and solutions, not available anywhere else. We consider our customers success to be our own success.

LayStitch™ Products and Services:

Sales of Customized Machines, Tools, Materials, Design Software, Training
We sell machines, tools and parts. For customers new to our technology, we also help specify a custom design and manufacturing set-up that is optimized for your products, volumes and technology.

Engineering Services
We offer our customers a wide range of Engineering Services. It includes composite fiber parts, manufacturing of composite fiber parts, technical textiles with integrated or attached wires and tubes, development of manufacturing technologies for technical textiles with integrated or attached fibers, wires and tubes; we do research and development of new composite fiber parts and new textiles with integrated or attached wires and tubes.
Our services also include stitch design and conversion of designs to machine code for manufacturing in machines at custmer facilities. We optimize machine set-up while making prototypes and samples of designs.
We have long experience of Research and Development and with our R&D services we help our customers to succeed with designs ready for manufacturing.

Concept Studies
We most often perform Concept Studies for our customers to quality assure that customer products are suitable for to be processed in our machines.

Manufacturing Services
We offer manufacturing of prototypes, small series as well as series production for customers not yet ready to invest in their own LayStitch manufacturing machinery. We are looking forward to be talking with you to talk about what would be the best solutions to your needs.

Unique solutions for processing a wide range of materials efficiently with high productivity

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